Policy for Taxi Vellinge:

The following policies have been decided to apply the Taxi Vellinge. This is to protect our employees and our customers.

Work Environment Policy:

Our staff and their creativity is our greatest resource. To take advantage of this resource, good work environment that promotes good physical and psychosocial environment.

A good working environment is also an important competitive tool in the battle for skilled labor.

Our work environment is based on laws and regulations in the labor market. It requires active participation by all employees.
Department Managers have a lawful responsibility for the environmental work is planned and organized so that it becomes part of the ongoing operations of Taxi Vellinge.

Road Safety Policy:

Taxi Vellinge's goal is to always perform to the customer's most efficient and safe transport transport solutions.

We are committed to road safety activities will be increased. We should not only be a good example in traffic, but also to take responsibility
to society's road safety targets to be achieved.

Our road safety work benefits not only society as a whole but also those who are staying on or near roads.

All drivers and employees shall conduct themselves in such a way on the road to Taxi Vellinge of the public perceived as a safe and dependable supplier.

All staff training and information in regard to road safety issues that are central to the taxi industry, so that all parties involved to act as unroadworthy in their work.

All employees undertake to comply with the following points:

Seat belts

All of Taxi Vellinge wear your seat belt. The driver should also work to ensure that his passengers also wear your seat belt.
This is the cheapest life insurance for people who are driving and your passenger.


All of Taxi Vellinge who drives a vehicle is the speed of traffic and be a role model and lead by
example to other road users.

The distances

All of Taxi Vellinge who drives a vehicle is close to other road users. This helps to avoid unnecessary
rear-end collision.
Last but not least, we think also of vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.

Clean and sober behind the wheel

All of Taxi Vellinge hold firmly to sobriety and drug free incl. medications when we're behind the wheel. We avoid
also run when we are tired. Alcohol, drugs and fatigue among NEVER associated with driving.

This traffic safety policy has been adopted by management and communicated to all employees. It is kept open to the public.